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Hi Everyone

Thanks for being so patient. I've been getting a few messages from members asking when we will be shipping everything out. Until now I had estimated it be around the 2nd week of this month (basically right now) but now I have a much better handle of the timing.

Spoke with our machinist this morning; He's almost done with all the parts. Everything will be heading off to be anodized (for the black coloring) next week. Once that's done there's a little clean up/fine tuning they have to do then they'll ship everything our way. There's some assembly Ian and myself have to do but it won't take us more than a day to get everything together.

Barring any setback we should be starting to ship towards the end of the week of January 18th.

I apologize for the holdup there's been a lot of work involved in getting these units finished; we wanted to make sure everything is perfect as we want to deliver the most quality product we can.

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask

Also, just to reiterate from earlier - the kit works WITHOUT THE HUMP as well! no gaps, works perfectly in both iterations.


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