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Hello Everyone!

First off I would like to apologize for these delays.  We did not anticipate our parts taking quite this long to manufacturer and we are sorry that this has fallen on our customers.  

However we have good news!  We will be receiving shipment of our the first sets of R nine T Tail Tidy kits this evening (February 8th) and will promptly be shipping out our initial orders!   Some of you may have already received shipping notifications; I've created shipping labels in order to be prepared for a quick turnaround.  

We are still waiting on the License plate kits unfortunately.  The License plate light is currently being manufactured and there is still a few weeks before we will have those in our hands.  For those who ordered the license plate package we will still be sending out the fender eliminator kit tomorrow.  However the license plate kit will be slightly delayed; we will ship those out as soon as we have those in our hands and we will cover the shipping expenses.  

Once again we apologize and thank all of you for being so patient.  Starting out isn't easy but we've been learning so much.  Our goal as always is to give each and all of you the highest quality parts for your bike and we intend to honor that.  

Thanks for sticking with us and we hope you love your tail tidy as much as we do.


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Leave a comment

  • PICQUE thierry

    bonjour j’ai acheté un led arrière pour nineT chez BMW motorad A LYON
    le feux rouge na jamais fonctionné, je lai renvoyé chez mon vendeur qui est toujours dans l’attente
    du retour pour échange suite au contrôle de celui-ci
    jai choisi le Daedalus suite au conseil du vendeur pour la qualité du produit
    je suis un fervent défenseur des fabricants de qualité, néanmoins il peut y avoir des dysfonctionnements personne ne peux y échapper j’ attends avec impatiente le retour du feux
    cela fait déjà 3 semaines
    je ne peux profiter de ma moto

    comptent sur votre professionnalisme
    trés cordialement

    May 10, 2018

  • Manu


    Livrez vous en France ??


    May 03, 2018