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Hello again,

I regret to inform you all that we are once again experiencing shipping delays.  I apologize for the brief excitement with receiving your tracking information and having no further updates.  We prepared packaging and shipping labels with the intention of receiving our first batch of inventory Monday the 8th but as luck would have it the United States Post Office has misplaced our package and we will not know of its status until Tuesday thanks to the upcoming holiday.  

In the interim our machinist has shipped out a second package containing more than enough parts to fulfill all your orders. However, this will not be received until the middle of next week, once again with the weekend and holiday pushing shipping dates back slightly.  

We deeply apologize; we are doing everything in our power to get these parts in your hands.  The amount of agony we have faced in the past 2 weeks from delays, waiting and the loss of this package has been overwhelming.  We wish this did not fall on you, our patient customers, and for that we thank you for sticking with us and we hope that you do really love the product when it finally arrives on your doorstep.  We can only imagine how excited you all must be for your R nine T tail tidy.  


Our sincere apologies,

Daedalus Team


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