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Hello all and good news!  

Our very delayed shipment has finally arrived!  USPS has graciously delivered it to us on a holiday and because of that we can get these out the door first thing tomorrow!  

We are very excited to finally be receiving product for everyone, we hope you enjoy these as much as we do.  


Important note - the spacers to allow for the transition between rear pillion and rear cowl are delayed; there was a disconnect in the initial order.  They are currently in anodize and will be sent separately, on our dime, to you as soon as they arrive, most likely next week.  The R nineT fender eliminator kit can still be installed but there will be a small gap (~6mm) under the seat.  

Also, those of you with the rear plate mount.  The license plate light is also currently in manufacturing.  Same process, we will send these at our expense once they show.  That being said, we will still get the R nine T tail tidy kits into your hands starting tomorrow.


R nineT R nine T tail tidy fender eliminator kit


Thank you all for your patience, 

Daedalus Team


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