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Fellow Nine T riders:

No doubt you’ve grown weary hearing from just about every company you’ve ever patronized about how they’re managing Covid-19; here’s one more, and it has a silver lining.

With the virus outbreak and global economic downturn we’re being forced to navigate, there should be some good news to go with the bad – so we’d like to offer 20% off all of our Daedalus products until the end of March. It will go a long way to helping us keep the machines running, and should make social distancing on your bike that much more enjoyable with some sweet machined gear.

Either way, go out and ride, get your distance and enjoy the open road.


EDIT: We've decided to continue the sale at 10% off of our items until April 14th. We all need a little distraction these days, why not be out in the garage improving your bike!


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Leave a comment

  • Eric Hausman

    2019 Pure with solo seat/and I removed passenger subframe. Will your unit still work? Thanks.

    September 18, 2020