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We've mostly been lucky with stocking issues, but at the present moment we are out of stock of the Integrated LED's. Our supplier estimates we should have stock around 6/24

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Sal made his way to Thunderhill for a beautiful round 6 of the AFM Racing series.  With fantastic weather in the forecast and the bike running and handling better, we were looking for a fun and hopefully successful weekend.

Thankfully he delivered!  His previous personal best was a lap time of 1:57.99; his goal for the weekend was to try and touch the 56's, and he delivered! 

Saturday's first race yielded a 3rd place and a best lap time of 1:58.4, good considering that's the first race of the weekend.

Sunday went much better with Sal taking a 2nd in 600 Superbike and doing a 1:57.3,  a nice PB for the first of the day

The next race was one Sal is currently leading the series in, Novice F1.  He had the lead from the start of the race and led almost from flag to flag, being overtaken on the second to last lap for a couple of corners before retaking the lead for the remainder of the last lap.  So a big win and another personal best at 1:56.4!  

Last race of the day was going to be a fun one, but the front tire had other plans.  He started in second but faded to 4th after having a lack of grip trying to push it after getting passed.  Little damage control and came home in a solid 4th.  

Great overall weekend, one round to go in a month's time.

Daedalus Design Race R6 tail tidy r ninet nine t accessories fender eliminator

Daedalus Design Race R6 tail tidy r ninet nine t accessories fender eliminator


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