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Please allow extra time for shipping orders

Covid-19 has surely disrupted our production flow, and we're working hard to get orders out as fast as we can

We are currently building a second story into our shop, to allow for a clean room (aluminum dust can be a nasty thing) on the lower level and an office upstairs. This will allow us to be more cohesive as a team and keep our electronic components that much cleaner. Take a look at the progress below!Before

Update 4/18/18:

We are finished with phase one, which is the clean room downstairs. Still have to build the door, but that will come later as will the upstairs office! 


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  • Rems

    It’s looking great !! It is a good news for you guys, it means you’re successfull and it is a good news for us as you’ll be able to develop more products :)

    April 04, 2018