Daedalus Design

Hello there, thanks for coming to learn more about us. There's a lot that could be said, but really the best way to know and understand us and our mission is to look at our products. In a world over saturated with planned obsolescent disposable everything, and a general lack of quality crafted products, this company and our work stands as a statement that well thought-out, quality, cared for products and designs still have a place.

We're here to create and provide for those that understand and appreciate what it is to do something well. Right now we're doing that with a select few motorcycle parts for the BMW R Nine T, but soon we'll be expanding that horizon to some amazing products and designs for all bikes, and then after that, motorcycles themselves. We're bringing our unique knowledge and understanding in advanced aerospace composites and manufacturing - combined with a drive to bring these techniques, technologies, and above all, quality execution to the world at large. 


We're Daedalus and we can't wait to show you what we can do.


Our shop address is the following:

Daedalus Design
5650 Washington St
Unit C-13
Denver, CO 80216