Daedalus Design

Hello there, thanks for coming to learn more about us!  We have a passion for motorcycles and high quality items, and we hope that reflects in our products for you.  We're a small outfit; we do all of our own designing, machining, assembly, wiring, and shipping right here in Denver, CO.  


.Salvatore Rizzo / COO and everything guy

Born and raised in Northern California, Sal has always been an avid car and motorcycle fanatic.  Sal received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from CU Boulder and subsequently fell in love with Colorado, choosing to permanently reside there. 

Not being satisfied with sitting behind a desk designing parts, Sal taught himself how to use a CNC machine and now keeps himself busy making and assembling all of our parts.  

Sal's passion for motorcycles has extended to the racetrack where he partakes in amateur racing.


Our shop address is the following:

Daedalus Design
5650 Washington St
Unit C-13
Denver, CO 80216