Daedalus Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship all over the world. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Do you collect import fees/duties?

Unfortunately we can't/do not collect import duties for your international shipment.  UPS or DHL will reach out to you before delivery to collect on the taxes.

Is your Tail Tidy Kit Waterproof?

Yes. You will see a circuit board attached to your base plate, but it's been completely sealed up. Video here.

I ordered 1st class USPS shipping, where has my tracking information gone?

With this shipping option, The US Postal Service usually has tracking information until it hits the borders of another country. While this is the most inexpensive option, others have better tracking info. 

Why hasn't my order shipped yet? 

While we make every effort to be fully stocked, sometimes we just can't be. We run our mill as much as possible. We could be waiting on parts to return from anodizing, or waiting on another company's component to arrive.  

Do your license plate mounting options fit my license plate?

We have shipped all over the world and have never encountered a plate that didn't fit!

Is your tail tidy kit legal in my country? 

For most countries, our integrated tail light fulfills legal requirements. It is not DOT or ECE certified, however certified external signals can be combined. The option to add external signals puts the turn signals 200mm apart from each other; many places (EU, NA) require 180mm or more.  Check your local laws to be sure. 

What do the three-pin signal connector wires correspond to?

Black is ground, red is running light, green is signal. If you attach a signal with only two wires, red and black for example, you'd connect black (signal) to black (connector) and red (signal) to green (connector.)


Why does my bike show a Lamp Error?

This could be due to several reasons. 
-Do you have a license plate light? 
If not, this will cause a LAMP Error.
-Do you have aftermarket front signals without load resistors?
This can also cause the error.
-Double check that your headlight running light is working properly. A faulty bulb can cause a LAMP error as well.

-If not any of these, continue reading.

Why do my signals fast flash?

There is a load resistance problem. 
-Does this happen while the engine is off or on or both?
If you get fast flashing signals while the engine is only off, this is due to the 2017+ variable voltage. When the engine is turned on, voltage is raised to operating levels, and the Lamp Error should go away. 
-If you purchase Rizoma signals for the front of your bike, you will need the Rizoma Resistor pack to accompany it, or you will get fast flashing. 

Why are some of my LEDs unlit?

This is unfortunately a manufacturing defect in the light strip itself. Contact us, and we'd be happy to replace it at no cost.